Caledon Kids of Steel

2023-05-28 • Elite Draft Legal Triathlon

46 Participants • 19 Women • 27 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceRun
201Sage SulenticMale 16-19 Draft Legal100:27:10
202Lukas VadeikaMale Pro200:27:20
208Daniel EppMale Pro300:28:13
200Blaise UglowMale Pro400:28:27
203Dillon LongoMale 16-19 Draft Legal500:28:45
246Daniel EppMale 16-19 Draft Legal600:28:58
240Caden HubersMale 16-19 Draft Legal700:29:08
206Jessey The ElfMale Pro800:29:16
238Jacob JansenMale 14-15 Draft Legal900:30:43
205Jarod MeddMale Pro1000:31:06
204Connor RimkeyMale Pro1100:31:29
245Simon DroletMale 16-19 Draft Legal1200:31:40
239Jose GrasMale 14-15 Draft Legal1300:31:48
210Ava SnyderFemale Pro1400:31:54
242Rowan WickMale 16-19 Draft Legal1500:32:40
209Curtis RimkeyMale Pro1600:33:00
235Simon RastogiMale 14-15 Draft Legal1700:33:10
230Andrew CesconMale 14-15 Draft Legal1800:33:30
244Evan CesconMale 16-19 Draft Legal1900:33:45
232Owen CraddockMale 14-15 Draft Legal2000:34:00
224Clara MurisonFemale 14-15 Draft Legal2100:34:08
217Machaila Wesch DawsonFemale 16-19 Draft Legal2200:34:10
211Megan RicherFemale Pro2300:34:22
337William LeanMale 14-15 Draft Legal2400:34:49
236Jason StrongMale 14-15 Draft Legal2500:34:54
222Willa SchaufeleFemale 14-15 Draft Legal2600:36:20
241Blake McCullighMale 16-19 Draft Legal2700:36:34
228Faith WallaceFemale 14-15 Draft Legal2800:36:37
219Adeline McCullyFemale 14-15 Draft Legal2900:36:59
226Lauren DaweFemale 14-15 Draft Legal3000:37:02
234Devin JanssenMale 14-15 Draft Legal3100:37:27
216Lucy LevyFemale 16-19 Draft Legal3200:37:28
233Alex LatifMale 14-15 Draft Legal3300:37:34
213Jaime WestFemale 16-19 Draft Legal3400:37:37
220Sophie IronsideFemale 14-15 Draft Legal3500:37:42
227Candelaria GrasFemale 14-15 Draft Legal3600:39:33
225Kate TaylorFemale 14-15 Draft Legal3700:40:34
212Kate HopkinsFemale 16-19 Draft Legal3800:40:46
231Owen BaasMale 14-15 Draft Legal3900:41:04
218Natalie SkillingFemale 16-19 Draft Legal4000:41:40

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