2023-03-26 • 10 km

803 Participants • 321 Women • 482 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameGenderRankGender Place6k
10199Truong Hong Huu M100:17:44
10043Mao Quoc Tien M200:17:45
10675Huynh Thai Loc M300:18:09
10703Chris Devoize M400:18:59
10081Vo Vu Linh M500:19:10
10254Alexandre Videau M600:19:40
10701Vu Duc Huy M700:19:47
10832Nong van Chuyen M800:19:57
10236Vo Phi Thai M900:20:05
10165Victor Bailey M1000:19:56
10687Ivan Grigorev M1100:20:35
10640Pham Thi Thuy Hanh F1200:21:10
10204Vu Xuan Thanh Chung M1300:21:18
10172Nguyen Thi Thuy Duong F1400:22:05
10129Nguyen Thi Thuong F1500:21:46
10423Alexandre Phung M1600:23:06
10749Cao Thi Thanh Thuy F1700:21:53
10217Nguyen Bao Phuc M1800:22:10
10418Lam Huy M1900:23:10
10487Vo Thi Kim Ngan F2000:23:11
10212Tran Quang Du M2100:24:07
10716Tieu Phuoc Huynh M2200:23:38
10717Toàn Lê Minh M2300:24:09
10235Constance Louasse F2400:24:04
10249David Dogielski M2500:23:50
10096Nguyen Tai M2600:23:38
10361Vu Khanh Linh F2700:24:21
10420Ho van Son M2800:23:16
10159Pham Minh An M2900:23:59
10341Lu My Linh F3000:24:22
10797Ngo Hai Son M3100:25:33
10798Nguyen Viet Truong Ky M3200:25:33
10800Nguyen Nam Phat M3300:25:33
10799Nguyen Vinh Cuong M3400:25:33
10396Emmanuel Otiji M3500:25:13
10106Luu Cong Kha M3600:24:08
10721Tran Thien Kim F3700:25:29
10627Tran Thi Tho F3800:25:00
10748Xuan Thi Diu F3900:25:39
10416Nguyen Chanh Bao Quy M4000:26:00

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Date: 2023-03-26
Location: Ho Chi Minh
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