Course MEC Grand Montréal #7 - Route

2017-11-26 • 1 KM

14 Participants • 8 Women • 6 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Timechip time
61900William LacelleM11-11100:03:58.000:03:58.0
61838Jules AudetM11-22200:04:16.200:04:16.2
61846Arina FantinF11-31100:04:25.900:04:25.9
61880Lara Gubert PageF11-42200:04:59.000:04:59.0
61839Auguste ChiassonM11-53300:05:00.800:05:00.8
5630Zack Shikako ThomasF11-63300:05:03.100:05:03.1
61831Theo AlexisM11-74400:05:03.200:05:03.2
61896Sara JalboutF11-84400:05:03.400:05:03.4
5635Alexis TremblayM11-95500:05:13.800:05:13.1
61833Leo Amorim-KrugerM11-106600:05:52.100:05:52.1
61878Noemie GauthierF11-115500:05:54.400:05:54.4
5631Nina Shikako-ThomasF11-126600:05:58.000:05:58.0
61845Gabrielle DesrosiersNO AGE137100:06:26.600:06:25.8
6801Avery ArnsF11-148700:09:27.400:09:26.5

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Name: Course MEC Grand Montréal #7 - Route
Date: 2017-11-26
Location: Montreal, QC
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